The FiRa Certified™ logo can now be proudly displayed on the following devices*:
Company Name Category Certification Date Certified
CXSEMI CX310 Chipset Base September 15, 2023
Osemitech U1011 Chipset Base September 8, 2023
Qorvo QM35725 Chipset Base July 24, 2023
Samsung S3JU100 Chipset Base June 9, 2023
NewRadioTech NRT81880 Chipset Base June 9, 2023
NewRadioTech NRT81850 Chipset Base June 9, 2023
NXP Trimension SR040 Chipset Base December 19, 2022
NXP Trimension SR150 Chipset Base November 17, 2022
MKSEMI MK80000 Chipset Base October 11, 2022
GiantSemi GT1500 Chipset Base September 27, 2022
Ultraception ZN2014 Chipset Base September 21, 2022
NewRadioTech NRT81630M Chipset Base August 29, 2022
Murata Type 2BP Chipset Base July 25, 2022
GiantSemi GT1000 Module Base June 22, 2022
Qorvo DWM3001C Chipset Base June 3, 2022
NXP Trimension SR150 RFP1 Chipset Base May 19, 2022
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Smartphone Base October 27, 2021

*Please note that this may not represent a full listing of FiRa Certified devices; some organizations may choose to not have their devices listed.