Joining the FiRa Consortium places you at the heart of wireless innovation. As a FiRa member, you’ll have the chance to influence industry trends, gain early access to technical details, certify interoperable products, expand the ultra-wideband (UWB) ecosystem, and share expertise.

Seven Membership Levels Make It Easy to Join

  Sponsor1 Contributor Associate Adopter Test Lab Academic and Educational Affiliate2
Board of Directors            
Working Group Steering Committee Participation          
Working Group Leadership          
Working Group Voting Rights          
Working Group Participation   Compliance & Certification WG only
Access to Final Specifications
Certify Products    
Apply for Authorized Test Lab            
Annual Membership Fee (USD) $80K $50K $30K $15K (if revenue
≥ $50M) or $5K
(if revenue < $50M)
$5K $2.5K
(one time only)
No charge

1As part of the Sponsor Member application review and approval process, a presentation to the FiRa Consortium Board of Directors (“Board”) may be requested, and the Board may, on a reasonable and non-discriminatory basis, take into account the impact that the admission of an applicant may have on the balance of representation on the Board (e.g., with reference to industry segments and geography).

2Affiliate Membership is limited to companies related by majority ownership to a current Sponsor or Contributor Member of FiRa Consortium.

It’s Easy to Apply for Membership!

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Everyone’s Invited

As part of our goal of generating broad-based support for UWB, we encourage all stakeholders, from every relevant industry area, to join and contribute to the Consortium. That includes chip manufacturers, device manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, technology providers, test tool developers, test labs, and anyone else with a vested interest in the success of UWB.

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