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Tap-FreeMobile PaymentTargetedMarketingDrone-ControlledDeliveryIn-VehiclePaymentUnmannedStore AccessExhibition AttendeeManagementFoot Traffic and ShoppingBehavior AnalyticsSOLDSOLDTap-Free Mobile PaymentPeople can make purchases without physically interacting with the payment terminal. The smartphone can stay in the pocket or bag for a total hands-free experience based on the user’s preferences. SOLDUnmanned Store AccessThe entrance to the unmanned store automatically opens when shoppers approach and, once inside, shoppers are able to use their smartphones to find what they want with turn-by-turn navigation. SOLDFoot Traffic and Shopping Behavior AnalyticsIn shopping malls or department stores, customer traffic can be anonymously monitored and analyzed for improved service offerings. Also, the retailer can improve the customer shopping experience by analyzing their movements and behavior in a privacy preserving way.SOLDExhibition Attendee ManagementVisitors get real-time information about the optimal route through a museum or an exhibition resulting in the best visitor experience. Visitors also get information about the objects in their vicinity and personalized recommendations based on their preferences.SOLDTargeted MarketingPeople get individually tailored offers based on their shopping journey route and preset preferences.SOLDDrone-Controlled DeliveryUpon arrival at the delivery address, the drone is guided by a UWB signal coming from a UWB-enabled device to the exact preferred delivery spot.SOLDIn-Vehicle PaymentDrivers can remain in their UWB-enabled vehicles while using the vehicle dashboard to pay for fuel, parking, take-out orders or curbside services.


Ultra-wideband (UWB) makes shopping more intuitive and more satisfying, with deeper relationships between retailers and consumers.

With payments, everyone saves time. UWB enables secure, tap-free mobile transactions, so you can speed through the checkout process. Just approach the register, confirm the purchase, and you’re on your way. Your smartphone is also your access pass to enter an unmanned store, with UWB confirming your identity and authorizing the purchase of any items you select while in the store. You can even use your car as a payment card, with UWB enabling faster service at drive-through windows, gas and charging stations, toll plazas, and parking garages.

Retailers gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, with analytics that reveal how many customers enter a store, measure how much time people spend in a given area or identify trends in shopping behavior. UWB also enables the next generation of targeted marketing campaigns, so you can see customized ads, based on data from your mobile device when you walk past a display or kiosk.

With conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, and other types of large-scale meetings, event managers can make it easier for attendees to find their scheduled sessions, with indoor guidance to conference rooms and other meeting places. At the same time, UWB provides the event staff with detailed analytics on attendance, to monitor foot traffic and evaluate which activities were most successful.

UWB also accelerates the trend of drone-controlled delivery, with precise guidance to the location of your choice.