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IndoorNavigationV2X* and Autonomous DrivingTicketValidationReserved SeatValidationTransportationFare PaymentRideSharingTransportationSharingRiderIdentificationeID Validation inCrowdedEnvironmentsParking GarageAccess ControlVehicle Digital Key >>(Standardized by the CCC)Driverless ValetParking and Pick-UpMEETING ROOM 1First Floor MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Indoor NavigationPeople can use high-accuracy, turn-by-turn indoor navigation services to guide them through a shopping mall, a hospital or a parking garage.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Vehicle Digital Key Owners enjoy hands-free access to their vehicles per the CCC Digital Key Release 3.0 Specification.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Rider Identification(Private Transport Services) Private transportation riders (employee shuttles, etc.) can rely on their mobile devices to use a seamless, hands-free process for identification and access when boarding transport.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Transportation Sharing (Find a Bike or Scooter Nearby) Subscribers of shared-transportation services can precisely locate the nearest bike or scooter using their smartphone.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Ride Sharing (Precise Positioning) With UWB, subscribers of ride-sharing services can easily locate their ride-share vehicle with high precision, in crowded and uncrowded locations, using their smartphone.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Driverless Valet Parking and Pick-Up UWB technology can assist self-driving vehicles to self-navigate to and from its assigned valet parking spot.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor V2X* and Autonomous DrivingUWB will be one of the many technologies supporting the enablement of V2X by adding localization capability.*Connected Vehicle-to-Everything CommunicationMEETING ROOM 1First Floor Ticket Validation (Public Transport Services)Transit conductors can use a seamless, hands-free process for validating transportation tickets.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Reserved Seat Validation Transit conductors can precisely validate the passenger’s seat reservation while the passenger is seated.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Transportation Fare Payment An Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) portal can validate and charge a passenger’s account in a hands-free fashion.MEETING ROOM 1First Floor eID Validation in Crowded EnvironmentsUser eIDs can be validated in a seamless, hands-free manner by an authorized agency at airports and by border control. MEETING ROOM 1First Floor Parking Garage Access ControlWhen a FiRa UWB-enabled device with the required access credentials is present in a vehicle, the vehicle can access the parking garage with no intervention by the driver.


Wherever city life takes you, ultra-wideband (UWB) enhances the urban experience.

Your smartphone gives you precise indoor navigation, even in large structures like multi-story shopping centers, parking garages, and office buildings. Also, quickly validate your identity, even in a crowd, for faster entry into restricted areas, such as government buildings or entertainment venues.

With public transport, validate your ticket or access a reserved seat without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or bag. During rush hour, use your smartphone again to avoid lines, with hands-free access to express entry and exit gates that automatically validate your journey as you pass by.

Renting a bike or car? Your smartphone shows you where the nearest rental spot is and guides you to your vehicle of choice, even in a large parking structure. Or, if you’re taking a shuttle, UWB directs you to the pick-up spot, alerts the driver to stop, and even finds you an available seat.

When driving, UWB enables hands-free access to unlock your car and creates a digital key that you can share with anyone who borrows your vehicle. At parking garages, the gate opens automatically as you drive up, then loads a digital parking ticket into your smartphone and alerts you, once you leave, to confirm payment.

UWB is also part of vehicle autonomy, with fast, accurate V2X* communication. With new services for Automated Valet Parking, for example, parking is as simple as leaving your car in the drop-off area. Activate the smartphone app, and the precise positioning of UWB guides your car to its designated spot. Activate the app again when you want your car, and you’ll find it ready and waiting at the pick-up spot when you arrive.

*Connected Vehicle-to-Everything Communication