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UWB makes life at home more convenient, more secure, and more fun.

Whether you’re leaving on an errand or just coming home, a smart lock on your front door senses your presence, unlocking as you approach and locking again as you move away.

Your smartphone is now a universal remote, letting you control things like lights, displays, fans, and TVs by simply pointing your smartphone to the device. Your smartphone’s user interface automatically switches between various device control menus as you point at different devices, so there’s no need to manually swipe between control menus. Keep your phone in your pocket, and your room settings, including lights, fans, and entertainment streams will follow you as you move from room to room.

Your UWB-enabled smartphone will allow you to sense signals from your surrounding smart home devices, so you can take control by simply pointing towards them. Also, personal devices like tablets, laptops get an added level of security, too, as UWB authenticates your identity before allowing you to access the device.

Misplaced items like earbuds and car keys don’t stay lost for long, since your smartphone can detect their presence – even in another room – and guide you to where they are.

Gaming is more intuitive and more engaging, too. While wearing an immersive headset, Augmented Reality (AR) features let you respond to the physical world around you while Virtual Reality (VR) features let you understand where you are in relation to other players in the room.