The FiRa Consortium delivers three core elements to enable broad adoption of secured fine ranging and positioning ultra-wideband (UWB) technology:

Support the Development of Compelling Use Cases Across Broad Business Domains

Work with industry leaders and innovators to develop compelling use cases based on IEEE 802.15.4z UWB secured fine ranging technologies. By identifying, defining, and demonstrating the use of “Spatial Context” through new, innovative applications, UWB technology becomes relevant to end users and gives developers powerful reasons to embrace it.

Define Specifications and Certify Products to Ensure Interoperability

When technology-driven solutions work together, without restrictions or hassles, everyone has a better, safer experience. FiRa brings together the industry to develop the specifications and certification programs ensuring interoperability among chipsets, devices, and solutions. End users will be encouraged to look for the FiRa Certified and branded “stamp” of approval before buying products.

Foster a Robust UWB Ecosystem to Enable Rapid Technology Deployment

Technologies only endure when they are backed by strong, quality-driven infrastructure that enables rapid expansion. FiRa Consortium fosters this ecosystem and helps:

  • Evangelize UWB technology to industry players to encourage the development of building blocks, tools, and technologies to support the ecosystem
  • Liaise and collaborate with standards bodies and related consortia working on complementary technologies to enable UWB use cases
  • Advocate for UWB with Government and Regulatory bodies to drive fair spectrum rulings for UWB deployments
  • Promote UWB use cases to end users to demonstrate unmatched capabilities now enabled in their world