server and monitor
FiRa-based UWB secure ranging test cases verified
eeNews Europe - February 28, 2024
new electronics logo
Ceva introduces latest IP for FiRa 2.0 targeting IoT applications
New Electronics - February 27, 2024
morningstar news logo
Giant Microelectronics Introduces World’s Smallest and Lowest Power UWB SoC for Precise Ranging, Positioning and Wireless Applications
Morningstar News - February 23, 2024
computer chip
Imec pioneers unique, low-power UWB receiver chip
eeNews - February 20, 2024
rohde and schwarz logo
Rohde & Schwarz White Paper: High Rate Pulse Ultrawideband Physical Layer Testing and Certification
Rohde and Schwarz - January 15, 2024
Litepoint logo
LitePoint UWB Test Systems Achieve FiRa Consortium's Physical Layer Certification
IT News Online - January 9, 2024
person unlocking car with phone
If You Want to Use a Digital Key to Drive Your Car, Look for This Logo
The Verge - December 11, 2023
child alseep in car seat holding teddy bear
Sensors Saving Lives: A Look at NOVELDA's New Child Presence Detection Technology
IoT Evolution - December 6, 2023
key fob with UWB enabled
NXP intros family of UWB chip solutions for automotive manufacturers
RCR Wireless News - December 1, 2023