The FiRa™ Consortium enables its members to maximize the benefits of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for their brand:

  • Demonstrate leadership in wireless innovation
  • Explore new market opportunities
  • Get innovative products to market faster
  • Sell products and solutions more easily because they are part of an open and interoperable ecosystem

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Sponsor Members

We draw on the strength of our sponsor members to create a bright future for UWB. Aside from being long-time leaders in technology and innovation, our sponsor members understand the vital importance of interoperability when it comes to establishing a new approach, and recognize the need for a strong, sustainable ecosystem to support emerging applications.

Contributor Members

As voting members of the FiRa Consortium, contributor members bring significant technical and market knowledge to the creation of technical specifications that result in an interoperable UWB ecosystem.

Associate Members

By direct contribution to our working groups, associate members share their expertise and have the opportunity to grow the ecosystem by enabling products with UWB technology.

Adopter Members

Adopter members help to expand the UWB ecosystem by integrating UWB technology meeting agreed-to specifications into products.

Test Lab Members

Test lab members ensure that UWB-enabled products and solutions meet the standards set by the FiRa Consortium. When these standards are met, other member classes will have the opportunity to use the FiRa Consortium “certified” logo.

Academic and Educational Members

Academic and educational members are able to bring their academic knowledge and expertise to the FiRa Consortium, helping to ensure that we are leveraging some of the world’s best resources in the development of UWB technology.

Affiliate Members

This membership is for companies related by majority ownership to a current Sponsor or Contributor Member of FiRa Consortium.