The Consortium uses a clearly defined structure to conduct business and spur innovation. The Board of Directors, with the support of our legal advisors and Consortium officers, defines our strategic direction, establishes our operating budget, and gives final approval on business decisions and Working Group proposals.

A high level overview of the organization structure is shown below.

• Strategic Direction • Budget• Final ApprovalBoard of DirectorsMarketing WGTechnical WGRequirements WGRegulatory WGCompliance andCertification WGCore Sub GroupFramework & Profiles Sub GroupLegal Advisory(Legal Counsel)Security WGWorking Group Steering CommitteeOfficers(President, Secretary, Treasurer)• Coexistence• Spectrum and Regulatory Advice• Monitor Global Regulations• Advocate for UWB with Regulatory Bodies• Marketing Communications /PR/Website• Go-to-Market Tactics, Strategy, and Promotion• Brand & Logo Management• Events Management• Security Requirements Roadmap• Security Recommendations for Specifications• Analyze Security Requirements of Use Cases• Support Profile Security Architecture Development• Methodology to Address Security Certification Process• Test Specification Development• Plugfests, Interoperability, and Validation Test Events• Certification Program Management• Test Tool and Authorized Test Lab (ATL) Management• Inter-Working Group Communication and Coordination• Specification Release Program Mgmt.• Overall Tech Discussion/Decision• Tech. Spec. Architecture & Maintenance• Use Case Analysis and Technical Req.• New Use Cases and Scenarios• Functional Requirements• Liaise with Partner Organizations• UWB Subsystem (UWBS) Technical Specifications• New UWBS Features• Profile Technical Specification Development• Development of Technical Specifications Outside UWBS


As shown in the organization structure overview above, the FiRa Consortium has a number of Working Groups (WGs) that collaborate among participating members to address various needs of the Consortium. These WGs include:

Working Group Steering Committee

The Working Group Steering Committee is composed of WG chairpersons as primary members and non-voting Contributor and Sponsor membership level participants. This Steering Committee facilitates in-working group communication and coordination and is responsible for specification release plans and specification program management. The Working Group Steering Committee is led by Annette Mahoney, Specification Program Manager.

Annette Mahoney
FiRa Consortium

Requirements WG

Examines new UWB use cases, proposes new UWB scenarios, and identifies the functional requirements for each.













Sunil Jogi
NXP Semiconductors

Technical WG

Develops all UWB-related technical specifications, ensuring a collaborative yet structured approach to technical discussions and decision-making. Task Groups are formed as needed to support development of specific use cases.

Brian Redding
Technologies, Inc.













Karthik Srinivasa Gopalan
Samsung R&D Institute
India — Bangalore

Compliance and Certification WG

Develops UWB test specifications, policies, and processes relating to product certification, and oversees the activities of Authorized Test Labs (ATLs).

Michael Stark
NXP Semiconductors













Jieun Keum
Samsung Electronics

Marketing WG

Manages the Consortium’s brand and use of the Consortium’s logos, and guides the Consortium’s external efforts to further UWB-based solutions.

Benjamin Guilloud
Qorvo, Inc.

Regulatory WG

Provides technical insights on UWB’s coexistence with other wireless formats and advises on topics relating to spectrum and regulatory issues.

Tobias Vieracker FiRa ReWG co-chair


Tobias Vieracker
Apple, Inc.













Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
NXP Semiconductors

Security WG

Develops and maintains a security requirements roadmap used in the development of FiRa technical and test specifications.













Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze
ST Microelectronics

Core Sub Group

Develops and maintains the PHY, MAC, Link Layer (LL) and UWB Command Interface (UCI) technical specifications.

Rojan Chitraker FiRa CSG co-chair

Rojan Chitrakar
Huawei Technologies













Guilaume Vivier FIRa CSG co-chair

Guillaume Vivier
Qorvo, Inc.

Framework & Profiles Sub Group

Develops and maintains specifications and other documentation for the FiRa Framework and the FiRa Profiles based on technical requirements.

Dominic Pirker FiRa FPSG co-chair

Dominic Pirker
Infineon Technologies













Anders Mellqvist FiRa FPSG co-chair

Anders Mellqvist

From time to time, FiRa also forms Tiger Teams to address specific short-term requirements of the Consortium and/or Work Groups.