The wireless connectivity technology industry has grown so huge that it can be challenging to put new entrants into perspective. While Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi already benefit from a very broad market adoption today, they lack in accuracy when it comes to their positioning capabilities and provide relatively little to no RF level security, compared to UWB, to protect ranging data exchange.

It is possible to achieve ranging with any wireless connectivity technology. However, you need to evaluate your environment and determine what accuracy and response time is required for your use case; this will determine the choice of technology.

There are various technologies in use and each has its own strengths in a selected set of use cases. When it comes to accurate positioning, UWB stands out thanks to its ability to precisely localize devices and objects down to less than 10 cm in line of sight or non-line of sight. Its RF interference immunity makes it a very robust technology option too.

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