An important aspect of the FiRa Certification Program is the development of test specifications, policies and processes relating to product certification.  This work is directed by the FiRa Compliance & Certification Working Group (CCWG).

The FiRa CCWG has completed test specifications to ensure compliance with the FiRa MAC and PHY Technical Requirements. The FiRa Consortium has established a Certification Program that defines processes for validating that a candidate device conforms to FiRa test specifications. Conforming devices are eligible to display a FiRa Certified™ logo.

The FiRa Certified logo is available for use by FiRa Consortium members who have devices that fulfill the criteria of the certification program.

To facilitate Service Certifications in the future, FiRa is in the process of completing the FiRa Common Service Management Layer (CSML) specification and the FiRa-developed profile specifications.  Once these specifications are completed, corresponding test specifications will be developed.

To ensure that UWB-enabled devices and solutions meet the FiRa-defined specifications:

  • FiRa has validated test tools (FiRa Validated Test Tools) to ensure that they conform to the requirements defined in the FiRa test specifications; and
  • FiRa has authorized test labs (Authorized Test Labs or ATLs) to ensure that they have the competence to conduct certification testing on the validated test platforms.