The FiRa Certification Program defines processes for verifying that candidate devices conform to the FiRa Consortium requirements and test specifications.

After successful testing by an Authorized Test Lab (ATL), FiRa members can apply for FiRa Certified™ status for conforming devices; once approved, the FiRa Certified logo can be displayed.

The FiRa Certified logo will be available for use by FiRa Consortium members who have devices that fulfill the criteria of the certification program.

At minimum, for a device to be FiRa Certified and display the FiRa Certified logo, the device must meet the FiRa-specified MAC and PHY Conformance Test Specifications and the MAC/PHY Interoperability Test Specification, including static STS parameters. This will result in the conforming device achieving Base Certification.

Building upon Base Certification, FiRa will offer Enhanced Certification. This is an optional secondary level of certification that builds upon Base Certification and is dependent upon the device meeting the FiRa-specified MAC and PHY Conformance Test Specifications, including dynamic STS parameters and/or other parameters to be defined in the future. This secondary level of certification will allow conforming devices to be FiRa Certified™ Enhanced.

In the future, FiRa will offer Service Certifications which will require FiRa Common Service Management Layer (CSML) and Service Profile certification. These certifications will be focused on a use-case-driven application layer that sits on top of the MAC and PHY layers. Service Certifications will allow conforming devices to be FiRa Certified + the service name (i.e., FiRa Certified™ Physical Access Control).

The steps to certify devices are simple!


See our Certification Process Overview for more information. Detailed Certification Program process documentation is available to all FiRa Consortium members. Join FiRa today.