Company NXP
Certification Core
Certification Release 2.0
Date Certified
Certification Reference Number CRN23009
Photo of Device NXP_SR150_CRN23009.jpg
Product Link
HW Version of Final End Product Rhodes V4
SW Version of Final End Product 46.41.04
HW, SW, and Firmware Version Information of the FiRa UWB Compliant Portion

HW: SR150  FW: 46.41.04  SW: UWBIOT_SR150_v04.05

List of Certified Features
  • TWR TS Controller
  • TWR TS Controlee
  • TWR TS Non-Deferred DS-TWR
  • TWR TS Deferred SS-TWR
  • TWR TS Non-Deferred SS-TWR
  • TWR TS O2M
  • TWR TS Block striding
  • TWR CBR Controller
  • TWR CBR Controlee
  • OWR DL-TDoA Anchor
  • OWR DL-TDoA with Final DTM
  • OWR DL-TDoA TX Timestamps in Common Time
  • OWR DL-TDoA Hop count
  • OWR AM Advertiser
  • OWR AM Data Transfer with ranging
  • Negative TOF Report
  • AoA Azimuth Report
  • AoA Elevation Report
  • AoA FOM Report
  • Dynamic and Provisioned STS
  • HPRF
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TRSL Version 2.0.0
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