Company NXP
Certification Core
Certification Release 1.0
Date Certified
Certification Reference Number CRN23010
Photo of Device CRN23010.jpg
Product Link
HW Version of Final End Product LID2435-R4 Trimension™ NCJ29D5 Evaluation Board for Automotive Ultra-Wideband
SW Version of Final End Product 3.7.0
HW, SW, and Firmware Version Information of the FiRa UWB Compliant Portion

UWBMAC 3.7.0 version support FIRA MAC 1.3 FIRA PHY 1.3 FIRA UCI 1.1

LID 2435-R4 NCJ29D5 Evaluation Board + S32K144 MCU Eval Board 

List of Certified Features
  • Controller
  • Controlee
  • O2M
  • SS-TWR
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TRSL Version 1.11.0
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