Beaverton, OR, July 10, 2023 – FiRa™ Consortium is pleased to announce its newly elected Board of Directors and Working Group Chairs whose aim will be to focus on the organization’s mission to enable precise location awareness for people and devices through UWB technology while continuing to widen the related industrial ecosystem. 

FiRa Consortium began in 2019 with eight members and has grown to more than 125 members today. FiRa’s solid growth also now includes six FiRa Validated Test Tools and six Authorized Test Labs, helping OEMs and device-makers to widen FiRa Consortium's growing number of UWB-enabled FiRa-certified devices. The Consortium’s new Board and Working Group Chairs are commited to expanding this momentum and growth throughout their tenure. 

Clint Chaplin has been on the board since its inception as secretary and is now its chair, “It’s been an honor serving on FiRa’s board and I look forward to helping spearhead continued growth for the organization,” he said. “As industry and consumer interest in UWB increases, FiRa, and its board will continue to advocate for the technology, spur device certification, and encourage interoperability.” 

Here’s a look at FiRa Consortium’s new Board and Working Group Chairs. 

FiRa Board Officers 

Clint Chaplin, Board Chair, Samsung Research
America Luc Darmon, Board Vice-Chair, Qorvo Inc.
Brian Redding, Secretary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Ramesh Songukrishnasamy, Treasurer, HID Global 

FiRa Working Group Chairs Certification 
Michael Stark, NXP Semiconductors
Jieun Keum, Samsung 

Benjamin Guilloud, Qorvo, Inc. 

Dries Neirynck, Qorvo, Inc.
Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, NXP Semiconductors 

David Fernandez, Qorvo, Inc.
Sunil Jogi, NXP Semiconductors 

Franz-Josef Bruecklmayr, Infineon
Oliver Van Nieuwenhuyze, STMicroelectronics 

Brian Redding, Qualcomm
Karthik Srinivasa Gopalan, Samsung 

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About FiRa Consortium

The FiRa Consortium is a member-driven organization dedicated to transforming the way we interact with our environment by enabling precise location awareness for people and devices using the secured fine-ranging and positioning capabilities of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. FiRa does this by driving the development of technical specifications and certification, advocating for effective regulations, and defining a broad set of use cases for UWB. To learn more about UWB and the FiRa Consortium, visit

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