Develop Compelling UWB Use Cases

We will develop compelling UWB use cases based on IEEE 802.15.4 UWB secured fine ranging technologies, because identifying, defining, and demonstrating new applications makes UWB technology relevant to end users and gives developers powerful reasons to embrace it.

  • Develop UWB use case scenarios across various vertical business domains

Ensure Seamless UWB Interoperability

We will ensure seamless UWB interoperability, because when technology-driven solutions work together, without restrictions or hassles, everyone has a better, safer experience. We’re committed to developing specifications and a certification program to ensure interoperability among chipsets, devices, and solutions.

  • Develop Test Specifications for UWB PHY/MAC based on IEEE 802.15.4 standards
  • Develop Technical and Test Specifications for UWB Services (complementary to digital key for car access)
  • Develop and operate Certification programs for UWB PHY/MAC and Services
  • Organize interoperability test events

Promote UWB Ecosystems

We will promote UWB ecosystems, because technologies only endure when they’re backed by a robust, quality-driven infrastructure that enables rapid expansion. The expanding ecosystem will enable new business opportunities by delivering enhanced user experiences.

  • Collaborate with Government and Regulatory bodies to encourage UWB deployments
  • Promote UWB technology to industry players
  • Promote UWB use cases to end users
  • Liaise and collaborate with related consortia working on complementary technologies to enable UWB use cases
  • Develop and promote a brand and logo for certified products and solutions